Cost is a big factor when ordering food. We believe being healthy shouldn’t be the “rich person” option, but rather the “tasty” option. So, a Programmer, a Data Analyst, and a Personal Trainer set out to create simple, tasty, and affordable meals.

Change Of Lifestyle

One of the biggest struggles to overcome when deciding to become healthy is the battle we have with ourselves. It’s about making smart choices over easy choices, and then sticking with them. We can’t make those choices for you, but we can help make the “smart choices”, the easy choices. We are a tool to help you on your way toward a healthy lifestyle. Nothing makes us happier than when we see you succeed!

New Local Company!

We’re still somewhat new and are learning things as we grow. So if you have any suggestions or want specifiec things, just let us know and we will try our hardest to make it a reality!

100% Tasty

We understand how hard it can be to lose fat, because all of our founders have struggled with it. We know that it’s a challenge to accept that being healthy isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. This is especially why we know how difficult it can be actually running the race. To be able to run your marathon, you need the proper fuel. That’s where we come in. We remove the stress and headache of meal prepping, for an affordable price.

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Meet Our Team

Head of IT
Hello [insert your name here],

My name is Amin. I am a computer programmer who is trying to be healthy. I am analytical, am a problem solver, love food, am lazy and hate working out… Which is a horrible combination when you’re trying to get in shape! So I am trying to make the journey I have to take as maintainable/easy as possible. My job here is to make sure everything works and the customers are satisfied!

Amin Sharif
Head of Marketing
Hey Guys!

My name is Dylan. I have been in the personal training industry for over 7 years now. I am a manager at a local gym and I am actually the personal trainer for the other 2 co founder’s of this company. I love to joke around and figure out how to get results for my clients. My job here is to help customers stay on track, offer suggestions and help you burn calories.

Dylan O'Dell
Head of Data
Hey All,

My name is Katlyn. I am a data analyst who loves learning/trying new things. I am here to streamline our process and make sure we’re taking every option we can to reduce price, make things easier for customers and deliver a great product!

Katlyn Wisniewski
Master Chef
Hey All,

My name is Josh. I am the chef that creates your delicious meals. I have over 14 years of culinary experience crafting food for multiple high end restaurants. One of the biggest things I believe I bring to the table is that I am not a healthy chef specialist. I just make sure the food tastes great. So it was a challenge when I was first presented with the idea of making healthy food taste amazing. I of course love a challenge. Thanks to our reviews/comments from our customers, I think we definitely beat that challenge! However don’t just take my word for it, try it out and see how much better we are than our competition. As I like to say, the proof is in the pudding!

Joshua Abbott

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